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2023 Writers Retreat

A good time was had by all at our annual OCFW Writers Retreat! This year's event was held in Alva, OK at an Airbnb decorated in all things Wizard of Oz. Each character of the iconic movie had their own room decorated in their honor. The Wicked Witch's room was in the basement of course. But the creepiest thing about the house was the scarecrow in the living room.

Much writing was accomplished, and late-night sharing was beneficial. Shannon did a great job with all the food, and Sharon blessed us with a wonderful Key lime cake for dessert.

In attendance from left to right: Lynne Gullo, Shannon Pearson, Scarecrow, Sharon Srock, Chris Tarpley, Kristy Werner, Christina Rost

Interested in joining us next year? Member up! This is a members-only event and so worth the three days away from society to add words to your WIP.

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