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5 Takeaways from DIY Marketing with Betsey Kulakowski

At our January meeting, Betsey Kulakowski, bestselling author of the Veritas Codex Series, shared the musts for marketing our books. From having an author website and book trailers to networking and simple word-of-mouth advertising and everything in between. She encouraged us to be brave and equipped us with information on all things necessary for selling our books. Here are five takeaways:

1. Be real. Be unique. Be you. But be careful! - Whether in your newsletter or social media posts, remember not everyone is your friend.

2. Track the opens for your social media posts and see what's working.

3. Don't listen to trolls. Block them.

4. Podcasts are the fastest-growing media.

5. Not a published author? Doesn't matter. Start now!

Thank you to all who joined us for lunch!

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